Why Companies are Struggling to Hire Digital Talent?

14 Jul, 2018 | By sajitkumar


By 2020, 150000 digital jobs are predicted, a high priority for organisations with the digital skills agenda.
Unfortunately, the case is in reverse way. True fact is, in most instances, most of the companies when recruiting digital talent actually don’t know what they are looking for, and without a digital plan, it ends up with the blind leading the blind.

Logic Part

The typical situation happening is most companies are relying on the digital natives instead of up skilling their current workforce on digital skills.
Unfortunately most of the startup companies are still in this age and day, don’t understand fully how to engage with their workforce in an digital way. This fact is mostly supported from the recent document briefing, published by the Digital Marketing Institute which shows clearly that the USA (63%), UK (52%) and Ireland (72%) are unanimous in their verdict that becoming more digitally focused will be critical to their organisation in the next two years.

What we can do about it?

Well for starters – start-ups agencies / companies, we need to change the whole and knowledge and perceptions. Within this, the skills gap of digital ‘can’ and ‘will’ be faced, but also changing the mindset of business organisation’s of what qualified, great and trained digital talent/Talenter’s can bring to a business.
All businesses in these days , but particularly marketing start-ups or organisations will and do get benefits from having the best digital talent at their fingertips, as opposed to their competitors having it.

Startup Agencies/Companies wondering about Digital Business

The Digital India Programme – Supported by our own government shows the clear path and roadmap support for the new startup agencies and companies not to fear about the business as the world is turning into digital part, and our government is going ahead with a vision to transform our country into digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.


Agencies and Companies must break down the mentality of 9-5 at a desk to appeal to digital talent, where the name itself suggests – increasing levels of flexibility working away from office desk, and to be or in an environment which is more creative or with less traditional working hours.
Digital talent needs flexibility and area to perform or to showcase their skill, don’t underestimate their skills, these skills if used in a better way and utilized freely will surely impact with increasing amount of ideas and strategies which can grow the digital business, implemented in a right way. Digital Marketers are the strongest part of the “Digital India Programme”. Digital talent should be brought up and the skilled peoples, they should be understood and their talent should be used by the companies in a right way so that there will be more business upcoming and more jobs would be offered.